Improv Jam
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  Saturday, January 5th          The ShowRoom                   10:00 PM

  Saturday, February 2nd       The ShowRoom                   10:00 PM

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 to be announced.

Showroom 02


Improv Jam
in Asbury Park

708 Cookman Avenue | 732.502.0472

Main Show | Comfy Theatre


$10 General Admission | at the door or in advance online.

What is Improv Jam?

Improv Jam features an improvisational comedy troupe performing various sketches in front of a live audience based on their suggestions. Other features include occasional opening comedians and live music acts.

To learn more about Improv Jam, visit them on
Facebook, MySpace, and YouTubeYouTube.

The show is based (you guessed it) at The ShowRoom in the hip downtown area of Asbury Park, New Jersey, and the performers feel the insatiable need to run amok, so they also tour. Booking information for your organization or private event is available by contacting Mike.

So, if you’re tired of dinner, the movies, or staying in, try a supersized dosage of interactive improvisational comedy at Improv Jam. Oh...and tell your friends.


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